Connected Vehicles and Smart Transportation A University-Industry-Government Partnership


The following research plan is intended to achieve the three objectives:

1)     Connected Vehicles and Mobile Computing Cloud–  this subproject contributes to Objective 1 by performing the following Tasks:

Task 1:  To investigate the synergies between LTE 4G and DSRC in the development of a common CVST applications platform with particular focus on assessing the opportunities for lower overall smart transportation infrastructure cost and higher coverage and capabilities.

Task 2:  To investigate the design, control, and management of a mobile computing cloud that will provide computing, communications, storage and content on demand to connected vehicles and enable smart management systems that promote energy-efficient and sustainable transportation.

2)     CVST Data Management and Event Processing– this subproject contributes to Objective 1 by performing Tasks 3 and 4 as explained below:

Task 3:  To design an open data sensing, aggregation, management and publishing system that gathers multiple streams of sensor data and provides high-quality data for a common CVST applications platform that supports ITS and privately-offered applications.

Task 4:  To design an event-monitoring and processing system that has the responsiveness required by real-time applications in CVST environments

3)     Autonomic Control of Transportation Systems– this subproject contributes to Objectives 2 and 3 by performing Tasks 5 and 6:

Task 5:  To design autonomic transportation management systems to direct the allocation of resources in smart transportation systems.

Task 6:  To design traffic prediction applications that enable travelers to make better decisions and that promote better usage of the transportation system.

4)     Smart Transportation Management- this project contributes to Objective 2 by performing Task 7:

Task 7:  To design demand management and supply control strategies that promote energy efficient and sustainable transportation in next generation multi-modal ITS.

5)     Proof-of-Concept System– this project contributes to Objectives 1, 2 and 3 by performing Task 8:

Task 8:  To build a proof-of-concept system that demonstrates the essential elements of an applications platform omega replica watches for connected vehicles and smart transportation.